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two day Training for Racing Changemakers

This April 22 & 23, Light Up Racing is launching its first-ever Media & Content Cohort Training in Lexington, Kentucky. This is your invitation to be part of a groundbreaking journey. Commit to two days with our team, an experience that will prepare you to not only challenge but change the narrative of horse racing.

Are you driven by passion and ready to voice your vision for a new era in horse racing? We’re assembling a dynamic group of 20 individuals from every corner of the industry, all ages and a mix of profiles and sexes. Whether you’re hands-on with the horses or simply have a world of experience, your unique perspective is crucial.

📢 Be the Change with Us This is more than a training program; it’s a movement towards a perception shift for horse racing. If you’re ready to be a part of this transformation, we want you. And don’t forget to share it with someone who’s as passionate as you are about making a difference.

📍 More Opportunities Across the USA Excited about this training but can’t make it to Kentucky? Hold tight! We’re announcing dates soon for additional training in California, New York, Florida, and Maryland. Just let us know where you’re based when you fill in the form below.

Target Market

We are looking to recruit around 20 people representing all demographics and areas of the industry.

Each cohort training group aims to have a mix of industry people working in, or with experience in, the following:

SCHEDULE & Curriculum

Monday April 22 & Tuesday April 23
Location to be confirmed 9am start - 4pm finish
A cohort dinner & drinks with partners will be arranged for Monday evening

Day 1

Unleashing Your Message

Dive deep into what Light Up Racing stands for, learning how to leverage social media to spark significant perception shifts. 

We’ll cover everything from platform assessment to personal branding, ensuring you leave with a solid foundation for your public persona. 

The afternoon is all about media mastery – from preparing for the spotlight in the camera to handling the unexpected written interview with grace. 

You’ll end the day with not just a personal brand strategy, but the confidence to represent your passion to the world.

Day 2

Our Voices, Amplified

We begin with crafting impactful content, balancing educational depth with engaging storytelling.

Then, it’s lights, camera, action as you learn the ins and outs of content creation, from easy filming to quick editing.

The day wraps with strategies for maximizing reach and engagement, turning your content into a powerful tool for change.

Plus, learn to navigate online feedback and foster support within our cohort for lasting impact.

After completing the training, you’ll walk away equipped with hands-on skills, surrounded by steadfast friends, and embraced by a supportive community ready to bolster and enhance your media and social media initiatives.

other opportunities

Eager to dive into our training but Kentucky is out of reach? 

We will have you covered! To ensure we align with your needs and proritize other locations accordingly, please indicate your location when completing the form below.

As interest grows, we’re committed to accommodating more training cohorts, scaling our efforts to meet demand. 

Our vision? 

To have 120 passionate individuals trained by the time the Breeders’ Cup rolls around. 

Achieving this milestone is not just about numbers—it’s about fostering a diverse and balanced mix of participants in each group. From trainers and jockeys to fans and media professionals, the richness of our program lies in the variety of perspectives brought together. 

This blend ensures a dynamic learning environment and a robust support network, enhancing the impact of our media and social media efforts across the horse racing community. 

Get ready to join a movement poised to reshape the narrative of our beloved sport.

What do we need from you?

Priority in our training cohorts will be allocated to ensure a diverse and balanced mix of participants. We value diversity in expertise, experience, ages, ethnicities, and gender to enrich the learning environment and outcomes. Should the demand exceed our initial capacity, we’re open to organizing a second cohort training soon after.

What do we expect from you?

  • Full Engagement: Commit to attending the full two-day training and Monday night dinner, ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from every session.
  • Openness: Bring an open mind and a positive attitude to the table. These qualities are crucial for fostering a collaborative and supportive learning atmosphere.
  • Active Participation: Be ready to engage, share your experiences, and support your peers throughout the training process. The strength of our training lies in the collective input and mutual support of all participants.
  • Practical Application: Dedicate yourself to applying the insights and skills acquired during the training in your daily activities. Our goal is for these learnings to have a real and positive impact on how we communicate and advocate for our sport.

Your commitment to these principles is vital not just for your personal development, but for the advancement of our collective mission to enhance the narrative around horse racing. Together, we can make a significant difference.

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