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Changing the conversation Event 2

Transforming negative opinions into positive messaging
At Keeneland, Mar. 5

Changing the conversation event 1

How to talk to your friends about racing
At Fasig Tipton, Feb. 26


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News Webinars
In our first of a regular webinar series, we will focus on the content and answers around difficult conversations rather than solely the skills required to navigate them. Each session will delve into the science, facts, and data pertinent to a specific theme.
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In an era where trust has shifted from institutions to individuals, this presentation explores the transformative power of personal influence and community networks in driving social change. Discover how behavioral science illuminates the path for reshaping perceptions and behaviors within society and how horse racing can strategically apply this insight.
science social change
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This article provides a strategic blueprint for steering through challenging situations, guaranteeing that your message effectively tackles the immediate concern while also enhancing the industry's overall image.
crisis management Media
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Heading into a media interview can feel like stepping onto a tightrope. It's all about balance: conveying your message effectively while navigating the interviewer's questions with grace. This guide will help you prepare for and excel in your media interview, whether you're on camera for the first time or a seasoned pro.
Media Public Speaking

Communications research

News Communications Research
Just 47 when he retired from the Navy, Horlacher had to figure out what the next steps would be. A common path for Navy and Air Force pilots is to go to work for the airlines when they retire. But that wasn't for Horlacher. He set out to fulfill a lifelong ambition, to breed, own and train horses.
racehorse trainer second career
Communications Research
This paper looks at the 2023 Grand National and highlighted the tension between pro- and anti-racing perspectives, emphasizing the racing industry's challenge in maintaining its social license amid growing public concern for equine welfare. To preserve its future, the industry must proactively address these concerns through genuine welfare improvements, transparent communication, and engagement with critics.
public acceptance social change social license
Communications Research
This study highlights the growing disconnect between equestrian community perceptions and public concerns regarding horse welfare in sports, amidst mounting criticism and calls for reform. Despite equestrians' private acknowledgments of welfare issues, there exists a notable hesitation to publicly address or critique industry practices. The research underscores the need for significant shifts towards a welfare-driven model, incorporating broader societal expectations for ethical animal treatment and calling for actionable change to safeguard the future of equestrian sports, which horse racing can also take learnings from.
horse welfare social change social license
Communications Research
The article discusses the critical importance of maintaining a Social License to Operate (SLO) in horse sport by prioritizing transparency, integrity, and horse welfare to ensure public trust and acceptance.
science social license

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