HISA teams up with Amazon to reduce equine fatalities

The Horseracing Integrity & Safety Authority has teamed up with Amazon to use AI to help reduce fatalities in the sport.
25th Oct 2023
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Amazon Web Services will allow machine learning and artificial intelligence to process data and analyse risk factors for individual horses in order to help highlight when a horse may be at risk.

HISA teams up with Amazon, using AI to reduce equine fatalities, Thoroughbred Daily News, 2023. Read full article.

HISA is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to apply data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence with the goal of enhancing equine safety by analyzing the factors contributing to injuries, the organization said in a release Wednesday morning.

Representatives of HISA and AWS–along with a group of Thoroughbred trainers, veterinarians and industry technologists–met at AWS offices in Nashville last month for an Equine Health Innovation Workshop. The meeting focused on using data and technology to determine which interventions, such as specific changes to HISA’s rules or the introduction of new technologies, could have further material impact on equine safety.

“The insights gleaned from big data and machine learning have revolutionized industries around the world. Thanks to HISA’s uniform reporting requirements, we are now able to apply these powerful tools to help solve the sport’s most pressing equine welfare issues,” said HISA CEO Lisa Lazarus. “We’re excited to collaborate with the best data experts in the world, including AWS, to develop concrete solutions to address the root causes of equine injuries.”

In addition to inputs such as sensor data from wearable devices, racing and training performance data, racetrack surface data, weather information and veterinary records, HISA and AWS are also exploring potential data inputs from other sources to measure horses’ movements with a level of granularity never measured before.

The goal of this work is to create a comprehensive analytics and insights platform that would use HISA’s expansive data to test experts’ hypotheses about the root causes of equine injuries and provide horses’ care teams with the tools needed to potentially predict and prevent injuries before they occur. First steps of this process–including data standardization and data capture/ingestion–are already underway.

“This collaboration signifies a fusion of technology, invention and the vast experience of dozens of leaders in horse racing who care greatly for these equine athletes,” said AWS Business Innovation Principal Glenn Holland. “We are honored to have HISA leverage the AWS Cloud to accelerate their vision and drive this impactful initiative. This project is part of a new era in horse racing, where innovation delivers long-lasting positive impact to the sport.”

AWS has worked alongside other major sports leagues, such as the NFL, for years to analyze injury data and use that data analysis to drive rules changes and equip coaches and club medical staffs with the tools they need to help players manage risk and prevent injuries.

HISA and AWS representatives, along with other industry technology leaders, are taking the next steps in this project at an AWS-led Solution Workshop on Monday, Oct. 30 in New York. The workshop will dive deep on data and technical requirements as well as end-user needs to continue to drive progress on this ambitious endeavor.

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