Transforming negative opinions into positive messaging

Keeneland, March 5, 2024

Watch the video of the second Light Up presentation evening where we offers three levels of engagement: network, community and cohort. Then showcase some best practice and ideas for how to deliver a quality media interview and engaging social media content.

Beginning at the first tier, members within the Light Up Racing network will have access to resources via email and the initiative’s website that will equip them with essential resources, key messages and talking points to address any difficult questions.

From there, involvement would be expanded to the community level, which aims to bring together a social network of 1,000 industry members and supporters to combat misinformation about the industry with timely, educated responses, while also distributing positive racing content.

The top tier would be the cohort, Light Up Racing aims to establish a group of 100 people who have gone through official social media and media training. The goal is to establish and support a team of people willing to become authentic influencers, forming a grassroots network of spokespeople for the industry.

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